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PowerSleeve Commonly Asked Questions

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How long does PowerSleeve® take to cure? 

The 100% solids epoxy resin for the PowerSleeve is a two component mixture. Once mixed, the cure time (dry to the touch) is ap-proximately 30 minutes at 77F (25C). It has a very high percentage of its fully cured properties at 8 hours and is fully cured at 24 hours. 

What are some of the strength properties of PowerSleeve®? 

The PowerSleeve® substrate is a hybrid fabric of high grade E-glass and Kevlar® reinforcement fibers. When combined with the 100% solids epoxy resin, it forms a high strength, high adhesion, impermeable barrier. A brief summary of the mechanical properties are 75,400 psi Tensile Strength, 29,400 psi Compressive Strength and 4,580 psi Interlaminar Shear. These values have been deter-mined by ASTM testing procedures performed and certified by independent testing laboratories. 

What types of repairs is PowerSleeve® best suited for? 

The PowerSleeve® has several key applications. First, it is well suited for technical, complex and curved surfaces that would be diffi-cult to wrap around with a Pre-Preg material. Because of the high level of adhesion, it is also very effective for flat surface repairs. Another advantage is the impermeability of the 100% solids epoxy resin matrix. This makes it the product of choice for encapsulations and containment repairs of future through wall internal defects. 

How does my company proceed with a composite installation once we have identified a potential repair? 

When a potential repair is identified, GEF works directly with you to determine the project details, project design, material require-ments and the size and complexity of the installation procedures. GEF will then quickly provide an RFQ for the estimate of the project. (304)380-6196,

What information needs to be provided to GEF to design an appropriate repair? 

When we are working with you to design a repair, we will gather information on a project assessment form. Specific details will include pipe diameter, material grade, design pressure, design temperature, wall thickness, maximum and minimum operating pressures and temperatures and size and type of anomalies. Applying this data, we use our Design Calculation software to determine the type of material and number of layers needed to safely restore the integrity of the system. Other factors such as internal erosion/corrosion, type of product contained in the system and design life of the repair will affect the final design parameters. 

Up to what temperatures and pressures can PowerSleeve® be used? 

With the use of our high temperature resin, the PowerSleeve® material can be used with a sustained temperature of 525F (273C). With regard to pressures, the composite systems can be designed for applications in excess of 150 Bar (2200 psi) and has been test-ed in excess of 300 Bar (4400 psi).