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GEF Incorporated, "Innovative Solutions in Fiberglass"


Our Mission

GEF Incorporated is dedicated to achieving the highest standards of craftsmanship in the industry. Our goal is to offer comprehensive services - the engineering, design, fabrication and installation of innovative, quality fiberglass structures that excel in meeting each customers unique requirements. The GEF team is committed to meeting this goal. With every project, we consider the structural integrity of our products to be a reflection of our own integrity.


GEF, the Structural Fiberglass Professionals

GEF Incorporated is the leading structural fiberglass engineering, design, and fabrication specialist in the fiberglass industry. GEF was incorporated in 1987 to provide clients with the structural fiberglass solutions for in-plant and out-of-doors corrosion problems. Today, GEF designs can be found at plant sites, manufacturing facilities and in many other industries related to the largest companies in America. The use of pultruded structural fiberglass as a replacement for various steel products, including wood and aluminum products in construction applications has risen dramatically over the past 28 years. Nationwide, growing numbers of chemical and industrial facilities, federal operations, municipalities, and health care facilities just to mention a few, are recognizing the advantages of incorporating structural fiberglass into their original site and reconstruction plans. Structural fiberglass exhibits a higher strength-to-weight ratio than steel and is resistant to corrosion in nearly every environmental and chemical application.

Engineering and Design

GEF's focus is understanding and application of fiberglass. Functional engineering and practical design are benchmarks of the solution we create. Clients have confidence in GEF engineering and design. Our personnel and our fabricating methods are geared toward obtaining the highest-quality fiberglass structures. CAD has added a significant advantage to our direction to be the "Best in the Industry". The use of CAD with its project designs enable GEF to share and work quickly and directly with our clients. GEF design personnel look forward to the challenge of new and unique applications in structural fiberglass.


Complementing our engineering and design expertise at GEF are the state-of-the-art facilities and a manufacturing process tailored to structural fiberglass.  GEF holds a sterling reputation for delivery of fiberglass solutions in a timely, cost effective manner. Our fabrication capabilities play a key role in the delivery process.

The GEF team is very open-minded and creative, and our facilities are designed to take full advantage of individual initiative and creativity.  Many of the manufacturing techniques and fabricating methods we employ are a direct result of our problem-solving attitude and approach. The scope and diversity of projects produced by GEF since 1987 have given us engineering, design and fabrication maturity and experience in fiberglass structure that few other companies can offer. 


Providing industry leading products, outstanding customer service, quality
engineering, design and fabrication for over 30 years.