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Fiberglass handrails are a safe, long lasting alternative for industrial and commercial applicationsFiberglass ladders and cages are a long-lasting option perfectly suited to industrial and highly corrosive environments.Fiberglass grating is a lightweight, durable option for a variety of industrial environments.FIberglass stair systems, platforms and walkways are a safe, durable solution for many industrial and commercial locationsCustom manufactured fiberglass covers and enclosures are the perfect solution for highly corrosive materials, as well as for containing odorsUtilicover custom built fiberglass covers provide a durable, strong barrier for a variety of environments

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GEF Incorporated provides standard and custom-made, durable fiberglass products to a variety of industries. Our products provide maintenance-free operation for years to come.

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Our knowledgeable staff will work with you to make sure you get the correct product for your project. Contact us to see how our custom-designed products can enhance your operation.

GEF can custom manufacture armor panels for ballistic and storm protection.GEF custom builds non-corrosive, non-conductive, light weight bridgesGEF is a leading provider of custom-built fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) building materialsGEF's containment systems provide secure containment of liquids or solids that is long-lasting and durable
GEF provides project-specific enclosures and coversGEF provides built-in, continuous angle that locks into concrete, eliminating the need for individual anchorsGEF provides custom-designed decking and planking that provides a long lasting, durable walking surfaceGEF Door Systems are engineered to withstand the most corrosive environmentsGEF provides a variety of fiberglass studs and nuts fiberglass studs and nuts ideal for applications requiring mechanical fasteners that must be non-corrosive, low in conductivity and/or transparent to electromagnetic waves
GEF Incorporated provides high performance fiberglass pipe and tank installation, modification and repair.GEF engineers, designs, fabricates and installs fiberglass gratingGEF engineers, designs, fabricates and installs a variety of fiberglass handrails and safety rails.GEF engineers, designs and installs a variety of fiberglass ladders and cages for most any applicationGEF can repair a variety of pipe and structures
GEF can fabricate a variety of plastic pipeGEF designs platforms and stair systems for a variety of applicationsGEF's molded fiberglass stair tread covers provide an easy, cost-efficient way to increase the safety of stairwaysIn addition to providing individual fiberglass products, GEF also shop fabrication and assembly of parts, components, subassemblies as well as entire shop-built structuresGEF's Utilicovers trench cover systems are strong and durable fiberglass covers which install easily and can be quickly removed by one person for trench access.



In addition to providing top quality fiberglass products, GEF also works with engineering and design for related projectsGEF has a full fabrication shop with top of the line capabilities for a variety of fiberglass products
GEF delivers fiberglass products (FRP) to a variety of locations throughout the United States.




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GEF's stair treads provide a durable, safe surface for stairways






New! Pipe and Structural Repair

GEF Incorporated is proud to provide innovative technology and services to repair a variety of pipe and structures. We offer the ready-to-use kit that includes all the needed materials for your project. Our trained technicians are available to complete repairs onsite.


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GEF has a warehouse of surplus fiberglass materials available for purchaseFor more than 28 years, GEF has provided innovative fiberglass solutions for customers throguhout the United StatesContact GEFRequest For Quote from GEF IncorporatedHelpful resources for those working with fiberglass and related productsGEF works with variety of industries to provide custom fiberglass solutions.Keep updated with the latest news in industrial fiberglass products