Structural Fiberglass

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Oil and Gas Platforms just "lost some weight"

Recent gas drilling in the Marcellus and Utica Shale has spiked demand for lightweight structural solutions with low thermal and electrical conductivity. All of our grating and structural members can be cut with grit-blade circular saws. Since no special tooling is required, our grating can be easily stored, resized, and installed at even the most remote sites. Our materials do not corrode, so painting is not required, and prolonged exposure to the elements poses no problem. Additionally, all of our fiberglass components have only 25% the weight of similarly-sized steel components. Dominion and other local companies have incorporated the use of our products to eliminate these safety concerns.




Features of DURADEK® & DURAGRID®

¨ Extremely Strong

¨ Corrosion Resistant

¨ Low Electrical and Thermal Conductivity

¨ Impact Resistant

¨ Non-skid Surface

¨ Easily Fabricated in the Field